Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan

Raju comes to Mumbai in search of a job and becomes a peon for a big firm. He soon discovers that certain people are scheming to make the company go bankrupt.
Release Date: 10th Dec, 1999


Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan is a love story between Saif Ali Khan and Twinkle Khanna while Akshay Anand is the spoiler.

The film is a remake of Michael J. Fox's 1987 movie The Secret of My Success. Saif plays Raju Tarachand a small-town guy who has come to Mumbai to try his luck in the corporate world. On his arrival he gets duped of his car and luggage by Chali (Chunky Pandey). He goes to Mr. Malhotra's office and convinces him to grant him a job. When he finds out that he has been hired as a lowly peon, he quits thinking this is beneath him. He changes his mind when he sees that the beautiful Jasmine (Twinkle Khanna) also works there, in hope of catching her eye.

Mr. Malhotra is having problems in his company that, unknown to anyone, are caused by his brother Papaji (Avtar Gill). He has placed a spy, M.R. Poplet (Girish Dhamija), to sabotage the company so that he (Papaji) can take it over. Malhotra hires a corporate P.I., David Rathod, to help him, but Rathod gets held up. Raju grabs this opportunity to get close to Jasmine and apply his training to set the company right while trying to maintain his job as the peon.

How this convoluted thing gets resolved is the story of the movie.