Anjali sacrifices her love for Raja after her sister's death and marries her brother-in-law. Years later, she meets Raja and is torn between him and her loyalties.
Release Date: 25th Feb, 2005


Anjali is the younger daughter of her Canadian-born mother (Nafisa Ali) and Indian father (Kabir Bedi), living in Montreal, Quebec. She shares a healthy relationship with her parents and an equally loving bond with her elder sister, Aarti. Anjali develops an attraction toward a budding musician named Rajant Kapoor aka Raja. Their friendship soon turns to love but Anjali keeps the relationship a secret from her parents, since Raja is not stable in his career and future as yet. Aarti assures Anjali and Raja that she will convince their parents of their true love.

Aarti is married to Aditya Sahani and the couple is soon expecting twins. Complications arise during the pregnancy and Aarti dies while giving birth to twin girls. While in mourning, and still unaware of her relationship with Raja, Anjali's parents suggest that she marry Aditya. Although she cannot bear the thought of being with anyone other than Raja, Anjali sacrifices her love for the sake of her sister's children, marries Aditya and moves with her new family to New Delhi. Aditya, still mourning the loss of Aarti, is a business tycoon who hardly finds any time for his sister-in-law-turned wife or his two young daughters. Anjali fulfills the role of mother and wife, but cannot bridge the gap between herself and Aditya. She finds herself in a marriage that has no compatibility but only compromises. She stays in the passionless union for the sake of her nieces, whom she now considers her own.

Amidst all this, one day Raja, who has since become a famous fusion singer, walks back into her life. Anjali feels torn but starts spending time with him. Raja seeks to rekindle their relationship properly but Anjali cannot forget her husband and her children. Aditya returns from a business trip and he senses a change in Anjali, which he decides to look into by seeking the help of his friends, a flamboyant couple — Dil and Pallavi Arora. He learns the truth about Raja and Anjali's past and gives Anjali the freedom to choose between Raja and himself. Anjali ultimately chooses Aditya over Raja, not only because of her duty as a mother but also because she realises that she has come to love Aditya. Raja is heartbroken but finally has closure, and leaves to embark on a world tour.