A man pretends to be a rich industrialist to improve his son's chances of marrying in to wealth, but his plan backfires on him.
Release Date: 22nd Jun, 1990


Hazari Prasad, an absolute miser wants a rich woman's marriage proposal for his son Raja, a college student and spendthrift interested in spending money on wild parties. Raja meets the beautiful and arrogant Madhu Mehra. Enraged by her, he misleads her that he is blind. He mocks her when she finds out, and they quickly prank on each other.

Hazari looks for a bride with large dowry for Raja. He finds his involvement in wastepaper business makes Raja a less-than-stellar marriage prospect. Accidentally, he runs into Madhu's rich father Durgesh. Hazari gives beggars large quantity of money to masquerade as wealthy acquaintances. He befriends Durgesh, deciding alliance for Raja and Madhu, but when the two find the truth, they disagree to their fathers.

On a weekend college retreat, Madhu falsely accuses Raja of trying to rape her. With his reputation ruined, he reprimands her for her dishonesty, saying many take revenge but he is different. Madhu instantly falls for Raja who now develops love for her too. Durgesh discovers Hazari's true circumstances; he insults him who takes offense. Raja and Madhu are forbidden by them to see each other again. Nevertheless, Raja and Madhu secretly meet.

When Durgesh finds this, he pays thugs to beat Raja who however sneaks into Mehra house and marries Madhu. Durgesh banishes her from the house. Hazari also disowns Raja, who moves into a small shack with Madhu and works as a constructionist. Despite their poverty, they live happily until Raja is hurt at construction site. Madhu leaves to beg Hazari for money to pay an emergency operation.

He agrees, only if she divorces Raja. Hazari removes her wedding necklace. Madhu returns to Durgesh and is forgiven but he orders her to never see Raja. When he recovers, Hazari lies that Madhu never visited him at the hospital. Believing Madhu deserted him, Raja returns to his home.

His mother Savitri reveals that Madhu was blackmailed by Hazari. Raja rushes to stop Madhu from taking a plane to London but is late as it takes off. Luckily, she didn't take the plane and meets him. They reunite and everyone live happily, as Hazari and Durgesh repent for their deeds.