Raj saves Pooja from an accident but she goes into a coma. She eventually recovers and falls for Raj who, by now, has fallen for her best friend Jahnvi.
Release Date: 24th Jul, 2000


Raj (Salman Khan) is a singer trying to make his way in the big city of Mumbai. He rescues a young woman who has fallen in front of a train and stays with her when she is rushed to a hospital. Pooja Oberoi (Rani Mukerji), the daughter of a wealthy family, survives but falls into a coma. Her family rushes to the hospital and, finding Raj there, assumes that he is Pooja's husband, Romi, with whom she had eloped with to marry and whom they had never met. Since Pooja's father has a higher chance of a heart attack, Raj lies and says he is Romi.

As the family gets to know the pretend Romi, Pooja's best friend, Jahnvi (Preity Zinta) starts spending a lot of time with him. They both fall in love with each other, who is regarded as a second daughter by Pooja's family. Then Pooja revives from her coma and complicates matters by falling for Raj. In a conversation, Pooja and Jahnvi both reveal that they both love Raj using signs (Hand up) but Jahnvi realises that Pooja loves Raj resulting in her putting her hand down. Raj and Jahnvi put their relationship to an end. On the day of their engagement, Jahnvi unknowingly takes Pooja's cell phone (Her and Pooja's cellphone look the same). Knowing that Raj will never marry Pooja if she's there, she decides to leave. When Jahnvi cell's phone rings, Pooja picks it up and it ends up being Raj's best friend who pleads Jahnvi to break this wedding and come back to Raj. Pooja then reveals to everyone about Raj and Jahnvi and Raj and Jahnvi are once reunited. Pooja chooses Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) Rahul comes to marry Pooja.