Face to Face

Balachandran is a suspended and honest cop, who lost his wife Jayasree and son because of his alcoholism.
Release Date: 30th Nov, 2012


Face to Face is a 2012 Malayalam-language mystery thriller film directed by V. M. Vinu and starring Mammootty, Siddique, Kalabhavan Mani, Ragini Dwivedi, Roma Asrani and Firoz Khan. 

Plot: Balachandran is a suspended and honest cop, who lost his wife Jayasree and son because of his alcoholism. Balachandran is now working as a Real estate Businessman and living with his brother and sister-in-Law Dr.Uma. Balachandran meets his childhood friend SP Ramdas and CI Abdul Lateef.

One Day, Balachandran finds out that Ex-Chief Minister Kuryan Punchakkadan's son Thomas is Murdered and hanged on a cross near a beach. Ramdas calls Balachandran to his office to enquire about Thomas's murder. He says that he met Thomas at a hotel before his death. He even Reveals that Thomas is a known pimp, who is involved in sex racketing and human trafficking. He has a human trafficking partner named Nirmala Thankachi, a beautition. Their main place where they do their business is Pagoda Resort, Which is owned by a drug dealer named Nirmal Kumar. Thomas's cousin brother George is the supporter of Thomas's every dirty job. He tries to arrest Thomas but when he takes to the station his releasing order came. Thomas and George tries to kill him once with his and make it as an accident but Balachandran manages to escape. Balachandran helps Lateef to investigate Thomas's murder without Ramdas's knowledge.

One day he meets 4 rich youngsters, Chandu, Peter, Shyam and Rahul and befriends them. Balachandran take them to old estate. Soon a flashback occurs showing that Balachandran found out that they 4 killed Thomas in the estate and Balachandran was pretending to be friendly with them. He asks them why they killed Thomas. They reveals that they killed him as he raped and killed Peter's sister Isa. Balachandran reveals Chandu is Balachandran's son and hugged him. He tells to Ramdas that he kill Thomas and Balachandran gets arrested. Jayasree comes to meet him in jail and she said its all my fault, Then Balachandran said its not your fault, my alcoholism made it.