Paddu, a pampered girl, refuses to marry the NRI her father chose for her. However, when given a chance to choose her life partner, she falls for three men at once.
Release Date: 16th Dec, 2016


DULHA WANTED is a Hindi dubbed of 2016 Indian Telugu romantic comedy film Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends directed by debutant Bhaskar Bandi and cinematography by Chota K. Naidu. Starring Hebah Patel, Tejaswi Madivada, Rao Ramesh, Parvateesam, Noel Sean and Ashwin Babu is the lead roles. Music by Sekhar Chandra. Screenplay and Dialogues by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada. 

Plot: The story is about Padmavati, a pampered girl who loves her father very much. But her father Raghava Rao is said by a prophesier that his daughter will leave him if he disagree to any of her wish. So Raghava Rao pampers her from her childhood. When she is grown up, her father makes her alliance fixed with a man, who jobs in America. Paddu declares that she will herself choose a guy to marry and if she fails in that, she will marry the guy chosen by her father.

She leaves to Hyderabad and stays with her friend Maggie. Paddu meets Namo, Nani and Gokul. She befriends the three at a time which irritates Maggie. She too proposes all of them when they propose her. Then Paddu decides to test them. Paddu with Maggie tests her boyfriends in which they pass. On Paddu's birthday, her boyfriends wish her and she escapes the hurdles again. Namo, Nani and Gokul get job offers. But Paddu asks them to sacrifice their job or leave her. They sacrifice their career for her. Then Paddu's mother overhears her friend and hers conversation and forces Paddu to leave the city.
Paddu gets saddened by this and her father watches her. He reveals to her he knew about her boyfriends earlier. He meets her boyfriends and tells that Paddu loved three of them at once. They tell him that they have sacrificed their job for her. Raghava Rao then reveals that he had given them jobs to make Paddu decide her bridegroom. He tells that if they do not come to her marriage, he will cancel it. They reach Paddu's village and meet Raju, Paddu's fiancè who saved her at her childhood. Paddu and Raju marry and live happily.