Twins separated at infancy are brought up differently. One weak, one strong. One day, they end up at each others house. Their life is not the same anymore.
Release Date: 8th Dec, 1989


Born as twin sisters, Anju (Sridevi) and Manju (Sridevi) are separated immediately after birth thanks to their mentally handicapped nanny (Aruna Irani). Anju ends up with her uncle Tribhuvan (Anupam Kher) and aunt Amba (Rohini Hattangadi), while Manju is raised in a slum environment. Their parents were killed in a car accident orchestrated by Tribhuvan. However, in their will, they declare that their daughters will inherit their wealth once the twins turns 21. This results in Tribhuvan and Amba bringing Anju up as a coy and easily frightened girl, merely keeping her alive so she can sign off the property in their name. The house servant Daddu (Annu Kapoor), Anju's younger brother Raja (Aftab Shivdasani) and a pet dog sympathize with her plight.

Anju likes classical dance and is unable to resist the urge to dance whenever she hears Indian classical music. On his birthday, Tribhuvan hosts a grand party. Among the several guests attending is his friend Vishwanath (Saeed Jaffrey), who is generally kind towards Anju. When Indian classical music plays at the party, Anju is unable to resist and bursts out dancing but ends up accidentally slapping Tribhuvan. Although calm at the party, he beats Anju mercilessly with a whip the next day.

On the other hand, Manju grows up in a slum as a happy-go-lucky and street smart stage dancer. She spends her days tricking people in the village to forgo her loans and is childhood friends with her neighbor and taxi driver Jaggu (Rajnikanth). One night she crashes into a bar to drink beer where she meets and flirts with Suraj (Sunny Deol), Viswanath's son. Suraj soon falls for her. Vishwanath has been pestering Suraj to get married for a while now and one day, when he shows him Anju's photo as a prospective marriage offer, he agrees, mistaking her to be Manju. When they visit Tribhuvan's place with their offer, Anju doesn't recognize Suraj and has a panic attack (courtesy of the injections given to her by Amba), which scare Suraj and Vishwanath away.

The reason Tribhuvan and Amba refuse to attend to marriage offers for Anju is because they want to get her married to Amba's brother Batuknath Lallanprasad Maalpani a.k.a. Balma (Shakti Kapoor). They call Balma to live with them, who soon begins harassing Anju and kills her pet dog when he leaps to her defense. Terrified at the turn of events, Anju runs away from home. On her way, she is harassed by strangers until Suraj saves her. That same day, Manju has a fight with Jaggu and she sets off on her own path. In a twist of fate, their paths end up crossing and while the two never meet, they end up exchanging places. Thus, an injured Suraj is brought to Anju's house by Manju, while Anju ends up at Manju's slum. Manju falls in love with Suraj.

Manju is easily able to assert control over Tribhuvan, Amba and Balma. While the trio mistake her for Anju and assume her to be weak, Manju surprises them by displaying strength and aggression and has them under control. Meanwhile, Anju starts getting close to Jaggu, who starts falling for the new "Manju". He proposes marriage to her, to which she agrees. Suraj sees Anju with Jaggu and thinks Manju is two-timing them and breaks up with her.

The two sisters live their life comfortably until one day, Balma spots Anju at Manju's place and deduces that the one in their house is her twin sister Manju. He hatches a plan and kidnaps Anju, taking her to a bungalow at Alibaug. One of Jaggu's friends overhears Balma speaking to Tribhuvan on the phone and informs Manju, Suraj and Jaggu, who finally understand what's going on. They arrive at the bungalow where Tribhuvan forces Anju to drink poison and also has their nanny captive. Suraj, Manju and Jaggu fight Tribhuvan's goons and save Anju, who finally gets to share a tender moment with Manju. She is taken to the hospital and survives.

Finally, Suraj marries Manju while Jaggu end up with Anju and they live happily ever after. They are both blessed with twin girls that are born on the same day.