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Madhuri Dixit to reveal about her marriage with Dr. Shriram Nene!

1st Mar, 2023

The well-known Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit Nene is fully committed to her career and has some truly outstanding film and television upcoming projects. The stunning actress, who is having an extremely successful second innings in acting career, is joyfully wed to renowned cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr. Shriram Nene. With their charming social media posts and reel videos, Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Nene frequently catch the attention of their fans and online users, and they are regarded as one of the perfect Bollywood couples.

Madhuri Dixit Nene recently spoke up about her marriage to Dr. Shriram Nene and said that it hasn't always been easy. The video was just posted on Dr. Shriram Nene's official YouTube account. The actress, who described her relationship with Dr. Nene as "difficult yet gorgeous," is incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments. "It’s tough because of the kind of time you guys have to keep. Whether it’s day night and the call schedules, sometimes your every other day call, sometimes you are on like maybe skip one day and you are on call," disclosed the Beta actress, as she spoke about living with a medical practitioner who is highly successful in his career.

"It’s hard because then you are the one who’s looking after the kids, taking them to school, getting them back and stuff like that. Also, the timings - there might have something important happening but you are not there, because you are in the hospital looking after someone else. Sometimes I might be sick and you have to take care of someone else," further added Madhuri Dixit Nene.

In the video, Madhuri Dixit Nene also disclosed that both she and Dr. Shriram Nene have always made sure that they find time for their kids Arin and Ryan, despite being totally busy in their respective careers. "We made sure that the kids… always felt loved and cared for. There are times when it is difficult but there are times when we know whatever we are doing in life is for the good and is something we both want," she clarified. 

Fascinatingly, Madhuri Dixit Nene, who is really proud of her husband's achievements, added that knowing your partner is the most important thing in a marriage. "I guess it’s also so heartening and I always used to feel so proud of you because whenever I saw you being so concerned about the patients you are looking after or fighting for their rights… In a marriage, it is important to know your partner," specified the actress.