After a bid to arrest Sher Singh fails, officer Dayal is crippled and his partner Amar's career is sabotaged. When Amar gets another chance to nab Sher Singh, he hires two crooks for the job.
Release Date: 23rd Jan, 1987


Honest and diligent Police Inspector Amar (Dharmendra) is a middle-class man living in Bombay. In his attempt to arrest bandit Sher Singh (Amrish Puri), he and Inspector Dayal (Raza Murad) are attacked. Amar survives, but Dayal gets his legs crushed under a truck and is, as a result, unable to walk without a wheelchair. Subsequently, Amar arrests local politician Jagannath Prasad (Kader Khan), who gets released without being charged while Amar gets reprimanded, and decides to resign. Shortly thereafter, Sher Singh hijacks a bus and holds the passengers as hostages in exchange for 25 of his jailed associates. Dayal's granddaughter, Seema (Mandakini), is amongst them, and Dayal asks Amar for assistance. Amar, along with ex-convict, Qasim Ali (Shatrughan Sinha), and Karan (Karan Kapoor), a drug-dealer, manage to rescue them, but differences crop up among the trio and they part ways. Then Amar finds out that Qasim and Karan have masterminded a plan to facilitate the escape of the 25 convicts, and decides to confront them.