Karthik and Vyshali, a newly-wed couple, move into a villa and start living together. Soon, Karthik realises that his wife is a ghost and decides to get rid of her.
Release Date: 21st Mar, 2015


Newly married couple Karthik (Ravi Varma), Vyshali(Mamatha) leading their married life very happily in their villa. Suddenly Karthik realizes that she is not his wife, he is living with a ghost. Karthik with the help of Swamy (Gandhi) buried her in the garden . With out Karthik's knowledge Vishal (Naresh Kaveti) brother of Karthik and his four friends Riya(Vriti Khanna), Amar(Sankeerth), Nisha(Lucky), Harsha(Vamsee Ram) enter in to Karthik's villa to enjoy their vacation. After entering in to the villa they began to face some mysterious incidents. What are those incidents. How they faced it.