Teri Kasam

Dolly, a rich and spoilt woman, falls for Tony, a poor musician, and marries him. However, her arrogance begins to create problems in their marital life.
Release Date: 28th May, 1982


Dolly (Poonam Dhillon) has been brought up by her rich brother in the most lavish fashion. Tony (Kumar Gaurav) is from a poor family and studies in the same college as Dolly. He is in love with Dolly but is shy to admit it. Dolly however loves an unknown voice. When she learns that it is Tony's voice, she decides to marry him. But Tony refuses to marry unless his sister Shanti is married. So Dolly's brother marries Shanti. Dolly's arrogance creates tension in the lives of everyone. She disrespects Tony's mother and admits her to a general ward of a hospital. When Tony learns this, he is infuriated and leaves his wife and his job. He takes to singing as profession and becomes a famous singer. What follows is a tale of realization on Dolly's and Tony's part. It is all about rich-poor relations as shown in earlier films. And then humiliation which in turn causes the rise of a hero, as a successful singer.