Shiva Shakti

Three friends in their 60s try to do everything that they couldn't do in their younger days.
Release Date: 25th Mar, 1988


Shiva comes to the city in search of work in order to marry his sister Kusum,Shakti works as a car thief an on the run.Shiva saves Shakti from goons of a smuggler D.C who wants him to commit a big robbery and both start knowing each-other.Shakti escapes to a village when cops are behind him and reaches village of Shiva where he lives with different name he meets Kusum and both fall in love. But D.C kidnaps Shakti's friend Karim and asks for his details D.C 's henchman Girja reaches the village to take Shakti.Before leaving Shiva and Kusum marry secretly and he promises to return back.D.C and Janga hold Karim captive and asks Shakti to commit a robbery thou Shakti has given that life ,after the robbery D.C and Janga frame him for murder and robbery and Shakti can't return to Kusum.Shiva returns to his village and finds that Kusum is pregnant and swears to kill her husband for disowning her.