Utt Pataang

In order to get over his break up, Ramvilas befriends Koel and brings her home to spend the night with her. Problems arise when his ex-girlfriend returns to retrieve her belongings.
Release Date: 4th Feb, 2011


Ramvilas Sharma (Vinay Pathak) has just ended his live-in relationship with his girlfriend Sanjana Mahadik (Mahie Gill). His detective friend Nandu (Saurabh Shukla) sets him up with Koel Datta (Mona Singh), who has also ended her relationship with her boyfriend after finding out that he was cheating on her.

Unknown to Ram, Sanjana is having an affair with gangster Lucky Sardana (also played by Vinay Pathak). When Sanjana realizes that Lucky is using 5 crore of his money to buy a flat for his wife, Nimmi (Delnaaz Paul), she absconds with the money.

Sanjana decides to take Nandu's help in recovering her passport from Ram's place so that she can leave the country with the money. However, Nandu decides to return the money to Lucky, as he doesn't want to have anything to do with Lucky's money. He returns the bag to Lucky not realizing that Sanjana has switched the bags and has hidden the money at Ram's place.

The remainder of the movie depicts how the money causes confusion in the lives of the characters.