Vamsi, a fashion designer, falls in love with Shilpa, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. When she is abducted by Arjun, her father begs Vamsi to rescue her despite his initial dislike for him.
Release Date: 4th Oct, 2000


Vaamsi the warrior is a Hindi dubbed of Telugu language romantic action film directed by B. Gopal. Produced by Padmalaya Studios, the film stars Krishna, Mahesh Babu, and Namrata Shirodkar. 

Plot: Vamsi is a talented and successful fashion designer who gets an opportunity to participate in a designer's contest held in Australia. Vamsi has a colleague called Sneha, who is selected to model his creations in the fashion contest. Since Vamsi has to study the culture of Australia to design the best outfit, he is asked to tour Australia extensively for a month. Silpa is the daughter of an industrialist Ankineedu Prasad, who is studying in Australia. She decides to take a vacation after exams by touring the Australian country. Silpa meets Vamsi in the tour and she slowly falls in love with him.

After the trip is over, Sneha, who loves Vamsi, learns that Silpa and Vamsi are getting close. She trips and falls down the stairs and gets injured. When Vamsi is disappointed since his model friend is injured, Silpa surprises him by entering the contest with Vamsi's designs and winning the first prize for him. When Vamsi and Silpa are returning to India, Sneha decides to stay back as she thinks that an Indian model will fare better in Australia than India. Silpa lets her father know about her love for Vamsi. He warns Vamsi not to go after his daughter. After a couple of fights, Silpa decides to marry Vamsi in a temple. As Silpa escapes from home to meet Vamsi in the temple, Arjun kidnaps her. After waiting for Silpa, Vamsi goes to Silpa's house to inquire about her. Ankineedu puts him behind bars on the charge of kidnapping his daughter. After learning that Arjun has kidnapped his daughter, Ankineedu bails out Vamsi and begs him to save his daughter. He also agrees to marry his daughter to Vamsi. The story is more about Arjun taking revenge on the bad guys, which includes Ankineedu and his other gang members, Jaya Prakash Reddy and Kota Srinivasa Rao.