A criminal kidnaps the son of the policeman who put him behind bars. The ransom he demands does not involve money, but something much more difficult to part with.
Release Date: 28th Jan, 2005


Inspector Abhay Rathod is an honest and diligent police officer employed with the Mumbai Police. He is assigned the case of racketeer and criminal don, Shekhar Mohan. Abhay successfully entraps and arrests Shekhar and has him sentenced to jail.

Abhay is now the Assistant Commissioner of Police, with a happy family, wife Sajana and son Chirag. Having completed his jail term, Shekhar Mohan is looking to seek vengeance against Abhay. On finding out that Abhay is the only one who knows the whereabouts of his loss, Shekhar kidnaps Chirag and tricks Abhay into believing that he has killed Chirag. Grief-stricken, Abhay's wife tells Shekhar that Chirag is his lost son. On finding out Chirag loves cars, hellbent on earning Chirag's affection, Shekhar takes him to various racecourses. Thrilled at watching so many fast sports cars, Chirag warms up to uncle Shekhar. But, with Abhay and the police closing in fast on him, will Shekhar maintain his son's love?